Our story

The Audrey Aiken Band came into existence during the challenging year of 2020. During that period, I found myself unexpectedly retired early, presenting a unique opportunity to reconnect with my passion for music, which I had set aside since college.

My musical journey began by collaborating with an acquaintance from a rock band, although our initial efforts did not bear fruit. Subsequently, I started attending open mic nights alongside the guitarist from that band. Over time, people began to take notice of our musical endeavors.

A pivotal moment occurred when a bass player recognized my talent and encouraged us to form our own band. Our musical voyage commenced with jazz and standards in intimate venues, but as time passed, we gravitated toward my true musical love, Classic Rock.

After working with a few younger musicians and gaining valuable insights into the music industry, I was fortunate to cross paths with highly experienced and seasoned musicians. Their wealth of musical expertise and business acumen solidified the formation of the Audrey Aiken Band.

Our synergy as a group has been remarkable, with seamless collaboration and a shared passion for the music we create. We have now been actively performing for over a year and a half, gracing various events, from a televised Governor candidates' private election party to private gatherings and venues of all sizes across the Northwestern region.

What sets us apart from other "cover" bands is our diverse repertoire, encompassing a wide range of music genres rarely attempted by most bands. We seamlessly blend different styles, including dance/pop, classic and contemporary hits, and our original compositions. Our performances never fail to ignite the crowd, getting everyone on their feet and ensuring a fantastic time for all. We cherish every moment spent doing what we love.

Currently, we are in the process of recording an album and developing merchandise to further establish our presence. However, our favorite aspect of this journey is the unwavering support from our audience, and we relish the opportunity to interact with them, often inviting fellow musicians to share the stage with us.

Audrey Aiken


Kevin Gwin


Bill Heston


Joe Navarro


Ken Aiken


Jeff Newman


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